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Intermediate League POM (July 2017)
P Jordan Noftall (Game On Gear)

Congratulations Jordan!

Senior League POM (July 2017)
P/C/INF Blair Ezekiel (Kelly's Pub Molson Bulldogs)

Congratulations Blair!



Sean Cleary (KPMB) Recorded His 100th Career Regular Season Win!

Congratulations Sean!


Molson St. John's Senior Men's Fastpitch League Statistics
Stats Updated For Games 1-13, 15-49 (As of August 18)

Game 14 Between NTV Hitmen & The Bigs Was Suspended Due To
League Curfew, Stats For That Game Not Included, Will Be Added
When Game Is Completed On August 27!

Molson St. John's Intermediate Men's Fastpitch League Statistics
Updated For Games 1-58 (As of August 17)


To All Senior & Intermediate League Teams

Tarps Have To Be Put On The Field At The End Of Each Night.

Please Cover The Plate/Batters Box & The Pitching Rubber/Circle.

Your Co-Operation On This Matter Would Be Greatly Appreciated.

Molson St. John's Senior & Intermediate Men's Fastpitch Leagues


2017 Tournaments (Dates)
St. John's Day (Winner: Kelly's Pub Molson Bulldogs)
Swing into Summer (Winner: Lafontaine Club)
Intermediate Men's Provincial (Winner: Game On Gear)
Senior Men's Provincial (September 8-10)

Today's Games
IntermediateRoebothan McKay Marshall RepublicRob Roy18:00:00Lions Park
IntermediateMJR MasonryCBC Junior Canadians20:00:00Lions Park

Top Hitting
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League: Senior

 Evans, Andrew22520.423
 Ezekiel, Blair21400.525
 Kelly, Jon20570.351
 Mullins, Danny19610.311
 Kelly, Shane16370.432

League: Intermediate

 Hamilton, Jordan 22410.537
 Thorne, Chris18320.563
 Kavanagh, Peter18370.486
 Doyle, Johnny18390.462
 Stack, Mark17300.567
Top Pitching
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League: Senior

 Cleary, Sean711.394
 Power, Mark742.400
 Hill, Jason631.717
 Walsh, Colin632.293
 Ezekiel, Blair543.085

League: Intermediate

 Doyle, Johnny912.078
 Healey, Eric721.677
 Whelan, Joel654.612
 O'Reilly, Johnny410.600
 Noftall, Jordan445.335
Team Standings
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League: Senior

 Kelly's Pub Molson Bulldogs147
 3 Cheers Pub Dodgers137
 The Bigs118
 NTV Hitmen712
 Canada Games415

League: Intermediate

 Bay Roberts Coors Light132
 CBC Junior Canadians103
 Lafontaine Club94
 Rob Roy76
 Game on Gear59
 Roebothan McKay Marshall Republic47
 CBS Storm48
 Chayee Bourras NL Selects410
 MJR Masonry29