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Senior League Stats (Games 1-24) Updated 2024-07-14

Intermediate League Stats (Games 1-23) Updated 2024-07-14

Molson Coors Players of the Month (June 2024)

Senior League: Jordan Hamilton (Physio and Co.)
Intermediate League: Adrian Green (Carbonear Advance Auto)

Senior League Updated Standings (Includes Ties)

3 Cheers Pub Miller Lite 8-3-1
Kelly's Pub Molson Bulldogs 7-3-2
NTV Hitmen 5-7
Physio and Co. 4-8-1
Golfshotz 0-3 (Folded)

Intermediate League Updated Standings (Includes Ties)

CBC Canadians 6-1
Carbonear Advance Auto 5-3
CBS Storm 5-4
Placentia 3-3-1
Outer Cove 3-6
U17 NL Selects 2-7-1

Today's Games
IntermediatePlacentiaOuter Cove18:00:00Lions Park
IntermediateCarbonear Advance AutoCBC Canadians20:00:00Lions Park

Top Hitting
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League: Senior

 Hamilton, Jordan 15310.484
 Stack, Mark15380.395
 Kelly, Andrew14250.560
 Dalton, Daniel13290.448
 Hill, Jason11250.440

League: Intermediate

 Green, Adrian13210.619
 Picco, Jared13280.464
 Dwyer, Kyle11180.611
 Costigan, Patrick10140.714
 Carew, Noah9260.346
Top Pitching
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League: Senior

 Walsh, Colin400.848
 Greene, Robbie424.704
 Cleary, Sean300.600
 Hill, Jason313.706
 Healey, Eric314.250

League: Intermediate

 King, Matthew317.811
 Whelan, Mitchel200.875
 Power, Linden205.122
 Corbett, Mark215.091
 Kippenhuck, Jacob216.117
Team Standings
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League: Senior

 3 Cheers Pub Miller Lite73
 Kelly's Pub Molson Bulldogs63
 NTV Hitmen56
 Physio and Co.47

League: Intermediate

 CBC Canadians51
 Carbonear Advance Auto53
 CBS Storm44
 Outer Cove35
 U17 NL Selects26