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Adult Men's 2016 Tournament Dates
St. John's Day Tournament (June 17-19)
Swing Into Summer Tournament (June 24-27)
ISC Qualifying Tournament (June 30-July 3)
Provincial Intermediate Tournament (July 22-24)
National Senior Men's Tournament (August 31-September 4)
Provincial Senior Men's Tournament (September 9-11)


Senior League Playoffs

Kelly's Pub Molson Bulldogs 2015 Senior League Champions!

Congratulations Kelly's Pub Molson Bulldogs!

Final Senior League Playoff Standings

1. Kelly's Pub Molson Bulldogs 7-4
2. NTV Hitmen 6-5
3. The Bigs 1-3
4. The Dance Academy Dodgers 1-3


Intermediate League Playoffs

Lafontaine Club Bud Light 2015 Intermediate League Champions!

Congratulations Lafontaine Club Bud Light!

Final Intermediate League Playoff Standings

1. Lafontaine Club Bud Light 7-1
2. Bay Roberts Coors Light 4-4
3. MJR Masonry 3-3
4. CBC Junior Canadians 2-2
5. CBS Storm 1-2
6. Game on Gear 1-2
7. PCI Roebothan McKay Marshall 0-2
8. Rob Roy 0-2


Molson Players of the Month (September/October 2015)

  • Senior League: Brad Ezekiel (NTVH) 
  • Intermediate League: Johnny O'Reilly (LCBL)

Congratulations Brad Ezekiel & Johnny O'Reilly!


Senior & Intermediate League Regular Season & Playoff Stats

  • Senior League Regular Season Stats (Games 1-56) Finalized
  • Senior League Playoff Stats (Games 1-15) Finalized 
  • Intermediate League Regular Season Stats (Games 1-68) Finalized
  • Intermediate League Playoff Stats (Games 1-18) Finalized


2015 Tournament Winners

St. John's Day (June 19-21) Winner: The Dance Academy Dodgers
Swing Into Summer (June 26-29) Winner: Lafontaine Club Bud Light
Intermediate Provincial (July 17-19) Winner: CBC Junior Canadians
Senior Provincial (September 4-6) Winner: Kelly's Pub Molson Bulldogs


2015 League Playoff Winners

Intermediate League Winner: Lafontaine Club Bud Light
Senior League Winner: Kelly's Pub Molson Bulldogs

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Top Hitting
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League: Senior

 Kelly, Jon30680.441
 Dalton, Daniel25670.373
 Mullins, Danny25800.313
 Marshall, Doug22570.386
 Ezekiel, Kyle19470.404

League: Intermediate

 Wall, Gerald20580.345
 McCarthy, Andrew19330.576
 Hand, Justin19460.413
 Temple, Andrew18400.450
 Kennedy, David18410.439
Top Pitching
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League: Senior

 Greene, Robbie963.870
 Cleary, Sean621.478
 Noftall, Mike622.649
 Walsh, Colin663.223
 Ezekiel, Blair524.828

League: Intermediate

 Healey, Eric953.449
 O'Reilly, Johnny501.744
 Cose, Lee411.842
 Gosse, Ward422.049
 Hussey, Chris422.500
Team Standings
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League: Senior

 The Bigs167
 Kelly's Pub Molson Bulldogs167
 NTV Hitmen149
 The Dance Academy Dodgers1013
 Kelly's Pub Junior Canadians020

League: Intermediate

 Lafontaine Club Bud Light125
 CBS Storm116
 CBC Junior Canadians116
 Bay Roberts Coors Light116
 MJR Masonry98
 Rob Roy512
 Game on Gear512
 PCI Roebothan McKay Marshall413