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Molson St. John's Senior Men's Fastpitch League

The Molson St. John's Senior Men's Fastpitch League Games
Scheduled For Tonight (Thursday, July 30th) Have Been
Postponed Due To Inclement Weather And Field Conditions.

Thursday, July 30th, 2015 (GAMES POSTPONED)
6:00pm Kelly's Pub Junior Canadians (0-16) vs. The Bigs (10-5)
8:00pm Kelly's Pub Molson Bulldogs (11-4) vs. NTV Hitmen (10-5)


Athlete of the Week: Brad Ezekiel (Team Canada)

Brad Ezekiel Was Named The Telegram Sports Department's Athlete of the Week!

Congratulations Brad!


2015 Intermediate Men's FP Provincial

CBC Junior Canadians 2015 Champions!

Congratulations CBC Junior Canadians!

2015 Tournament Award Winners!
Most Valuable Player
Gerald Wall (CBC Junior Canadians)
5GP, 7-15 .467BA, 6R, 1D, 1T, 1HR, 4BB, 7RBI

Congratulations Gerald!
Top Batter
John Farrell (DWC Electrical)
9-19 .474BA

Congratulations John!
Sportsmanship & Ability
Bob Murphy (DWC Electrical)
5GP, 7-19 .368BA, 3R, 1D, 2HR, 1BB, 10RBI

Congratulations Bob!


Senior & Intermediate Players of the Month (June 2015)

Senior League Player of the Month (June 2015)
Colin Walsh (The Dance Academy Dodgers)

Congratulations Colin!

Intermediate League Player of the Month (June 2015)
Johnny O'Reilly (Lafontaine Club Bud Light)

Congratulations Johnny!


Senior & Intermediate League Stats

Senior League Stats (Games 1-38) Updated!!!!
Intermediate League Stats (Games 1-30) Updated!!!!


2015 Tournament Dates

St. John's Day (June 19-21) Winner: The Dance Academy Dodgers
Swing Into Summer (June 26-29) Winner: Lafontaine Club Bud Light
Intermediate Provincial (July 17-19) Winner: CBC Junior Canadians
Senior Provincial (September 4-6)

These Are Not Tentative Tournament Dates, These Are The Dates!!!

Today's Games
IntermediatePCI Roebothan McKay MarshallCBC Junior Canadians18:00:00Lions Park
IntermediateGame on GearRob Roy20:00:00Lions Park

Top Hitting
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League: Senior

 Kelly, Jon22460.478
 Marshall, Doug19440.432
 Dalton, Daniel15430.349
 Keough, Sheldon14270.519
 Griffiths, Fergus14430.326

League: Intermediate

 McCarthy, Andrew12170.706
 Temple, Andrew11260.423
 Gregory, Mike9180.500
 O'Reilly, Johnny9200.450
 Woodman, Russell9210.429
Top Pitching
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League: Senior

 Greene, Robbie743.920
 Noftall, Mike522.788
 Cleary, Sean421.663
 Walsh, Colin432.789
 Ezekiel, Blair303.696

League: Intermediate

 Healey, Eric522.328
 O'Reilly, Johnny302.000
 Walsh, Colin200.000
 Myers, Liam212.545
 Doyle, Johnny213.478
Team Standings
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League: Senior

 Kelly's Pub Molson Bulldogs114
 The Bigs105
 NTV Hitmen105
 The Dance Academy Dodgers78
 Kelly's Pub Junior Canadians016

League: Intermediate

 CBC Junior Canadians62
 Lafontaine Club Bud Light52
 CBS Storm52
 Bay Roberts Coors Light53
 PCI Roebothan McKay Marshall36
 MJR Masonry24
 Game on Gear25
 Rob Roy26