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19th Annual Swing Into Summer Tournament

Dates: June 24-27 & July 03
Location: St. John's, NL
Ballpark: Lions Park

NOTE: Stats (Games 1-12) Will Be Updated On Tuesday, June 28!

Swing Into Summer Tournament Information (2016)

Swing Into Summer Tournament Schedule (2016)

Swing Into Summer Tournament Awards (1998-2015)

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#WorldSoftballDay (June 13)

Happy #WorldSoftballDay To All Associated With The Great Game Of Softball!


A Look Back At The Past...

40 Years Of Softball (30 Minutes - Photos & Video)

1984 Senior & Junior Awards Presentation (40 Minutes - Video)


Adult Men's 2016 Tournament Dates
St. John's Day Tournament (Winner: The Dance Academy Dodgers)
Swing Into Summer Tournament (Winner: TBD)
ISC Qualifying Tournament (June 30-July 2)
Provincial Intermediate Tournament (July 22-24)
National Senior Men's Tournament (August 31-September 4)
Provincial Senior Men's Tournament (September 9-11)


Today's Games
SeniorKelly's Pub Junior CanadiansThe Dance Academy Dodgers18:00:00Lions Park
SeniorKelly's Pub Molson BulldogsNTV Hitmen20:00:00Lions Park

Top Hitting
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League: Senior

 Hill, Jason11150.733
 Dalton, Daniel8150.533
 Doyle, Johnny8160.500
 Evely, Geoff8160.500
 Ezekiel, Kyle8210.381

League: Intermediate

 Whelan, Aaron10150.667
 Wall, Gerald10160.625
 Thorne, Chris8190.421
 Kenny, Ryan7100.700
 Doyle, Johnny7140.500
Top Pitching
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League: Senior

 Cleary, Sean412.032
 Greene, Robbie412.740
 Hill, Jason312.614
 Walsh, Colin202.500
 King, Donny104.375

League: Intermediate

 Doyle, Johnny401.909
 Noftall, Jordan208.000
 O'Reilly, Johnny212.079
 Walsh, Jeremy214.541
 McDonald, Tyler107.521
Team Standings
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League: Senior

 The Dance Academy Dodgers51
 NTV Hitmen42
 Kelly's Pub Molson Bulldogs42
 The Bigs24
 Kelly's Pub Junior Canadians06

League: Intermediate

 Bay Roberts Coors Light50
 Lafontaine Club Bud Light33
 Game on Gear21
 Rob Roy22
 CBC Junior Canadians22
 U18 NL Selects23
 CBS Storm11
 MJR Masonry13
 PCI Roebothan McKay Marshall14