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WBSC XIV Men's World Championship

Dates: June 26 to July 5th, 2015
Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Canada)

Team Canada WBSC Men's World Softball Champions!

Team Canada (Record: 10-1, Gold Medal)

Game #1: 6-0 Win vs. Guatemala
Game #2: 10-2 Win vs. Czech Republic (5-Innings)
Game #3: 2-1 Win vs. New Zealand
Game #4: 7-0 Win (Default) vs. Indonesia
Game #5: 7-5 Win vs. Argentina
Game #6: 11-1 Win vs. Great Britain (4-Innings) 
Game #7: 12-0 Win vs. Philippines (4-Innings) 
Playoff Round: 8-3 Win vs. Australia
Playoff Round: 9-5 Loss vs. New Zealand
Medal Round: 10-0 Win vs. Venezuela (4-Innings)
Medal Round: 10-5 Win vs. New Zealand

Canada Strikes Gold In Saskatoon!

Congratulations Team Canada!


Lafontaine Club Molson 2015 Swing Into Summer Tournament Champions!

Congratulations To Lafontaine Club Molson!

2015 Swing Into Summer Tournament Award Winners

Most Valuable Player
Eddie Hefferan (Lafontaine Club Molson)
Batting Stats: 6-16 .375BA, 5R, 2HR, 2SB, 2BB, 6RBI, 1.000FP

Congratulations Eddie!
Top Batter
Jordan Hatch (CBS Storm)
6-11 .545BA

Congratulations Jordan!


Andrew McCarthy Athlete of the Week (June 20)

Andrew McCarthy (BRCL) Named The Telegram Athlete of the Week!

Congratulations Andrew!


Senior & Intermediate League Stats

Senior League Stats (Games 1-20) Updated As Of Wednesday, July 1st.

Intermediate League Stats (Games 1-22) Updated As Of Friday, June 26th.


2015 Tournament Dates

St. John's Day (June 19-21) Winner: The Dance Academy Dodgers
Swing Into Summer (June 26-29) Winner: Lafontaine Club Molson
Intermediate Provincial (July 17-19)
Senior Provincial (September 4-6)

These Are Not Tentative Tournament Dates, These Are The Dates!!!

Today's Games
SeniorThe Dance Academy DodgersKelly's Pub Molson Bulldogs18:00:00Lions Park
SeniorNTV HitmenKelly's Pub Junior Canadians20:00:00Lions Park

Top Hitting
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League: Senior

 Kelly, Jon11210.524
 Marshall, Doug9230.391
 Kirk, Ryan8220.364
 Boland, Shane8230.348
 Walsh, Colin8270.296

League: Intermediate

 McCarthy, Andrew12170.706
 Woodman, Russell8160.500
 Corbett, Phillip8200.400
 Wall, Gerald8210.381
 Maher, Paul7100.700
Top Pitching
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League: Senior

 Walsh, Colin402.530
 Cleary, Sean321.994
 Noftall, Mike224.050
 Greene, Robbie234.083
 King, Donny102.333

League: Intermediate

 Healey, Eric422.756
 O'Reilly, Johnny302.000
 Gosse, Ward200.538
 Walsh, Colin200.000
 Power, Matt222.654
Team Standings
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League: Senior

 The Dance Academy Dodgers52
 NTV Hitmen53
 Kelly's Pub Molson Bulldogs53
 The Bigs43
 Kelly's Pub Junior Canadians08

League: Intermediate

 Lafontaine Club Molson50
 CBC Junior Canadians42
 Bay Roberts Coors Light42
 CBS Storm32
 PCI Roebothan McKay Marshall24
 MJR Masonry24
 Rob Roy14
 Game on Gear14
 Midget Selects00